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Rats are very adaptable animals, making their homes in houses, sheds, garages and gardens. They eat rubbish, pet food, food scraps in uncovered bins and compost heaps, fallen fruit and nuts, bird seeds and dog droppings.

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to completely eradicate rats. However, as a property owner or occupier, you are responsible for controlling rats on your own property.

We can help with general rodent control and advice, and provide rat baits on a quarterly basis to residents of our Constituent Council areas.

Due to the current situation with COVID-19 and our offices being closed to the public as a result of it, baits will be temporarily unavailable for collection until further notice.

In the interim, bait can be purchased from your local supermarket or hardware store. Care should be taken to ensure baits are placed so that they are inaccessible to children, pets and wildlife. Always read and adhere to the directions for use on the label. Rat traps are also an inexpensive and effective option. 

If you can’t adequately control rats and vermin on your property, we recommend you contact a professional pest contractor.

For information on identifying and controlling the breeding of vermin on your property, please refer to the vermin control fact sheet.


Mosquitoes need to be controlled to protect the community from mosquito-related disease.  We can help you to do this is by:

  • inspecting potential problem areas; and
  • providing advice to help control and eliminate breeding sites

For more information, please refer to the mosquito control fact sheet (PDF), or go to the SA Health website.

Keeping poultry

A lot of people like keeping a small number of chickens in the backyard. They are great for helping you live sustainably through recycling kitchen scraps into fertiliser, with a bonus of delicious fresh eggs.

Keeping poultry can become a nuisance for your neighbours.  For further information and tips on responsible keeping of poultry please refer to the poultry keeping fact sheet.  

Contact your local Council to find out:

  • whether there are any size restrictions and if you need planning approval
  • location and set back distances
  • the number of birds allowed
  • the keeping of roosters

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