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Workplace Influenza Vaccinations 

Influenza costs Australian businesses more than $2 billon per year; with an estimated 1,500,000 workdays lost each year due to illness.

Eastern Health Authority (EHA) Workplace Immunisation Program protects your business and staff from the highly contagious respiratory illnesses caused by Influenza A and B.

Protecting staff and workers during the flu season is crucial for workplace and personal health and wellbeing.

The onset of influenza within the workplace can cause major disruptions to any business. The flu can spread from an infected person by talking, coughing, or sneezing small infectious agents into the air. Along with this, the flu can spread by contact with hands, tissues and other articles that are infected.

2019 Workplace Flu Vaccination bookings now available

Are you looking for a quote or wanting to register for immunisation at your workplace? We offer quick quotes and online bookings at the below links.

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As leading providers and specialists within the field of workplace vaccinations EHA Immunisation program offers:

  • A professional and specialised immunisation nurse who can come to your workplace at a time that suits you and your team.
  • A service like no other, as we work onsite to ensure no disruptions or downtime whilst you continue your daily duties.
  • A wide range of booking options to ensure that everyone fits in.
  • Options for absent staff to attend one of the Eastern Health Authority clinics at their convenience.

Why you need workplace flu vaccinations?

  • Influenza costs Australian business more than $2 billion, with an estimated 1,500,000 workdays lost each year due to illness.
  • The flu vaccine and corporate flu shots can help prevent illness.
  • Those who are vaccinated against influenza have half the number of doctor visits and sick days, compared to those who aren’t vaccinated.
  • Flu vaccination can be considered a benefit in attracting and retaining staff, and provides a focus on health and wellbeing for the entire workforce.

 Which type of flu vaccinations does EHA offer?

The Influenza Vaccinations provided in 2019 will include the Fluarix Tetra and Afluria Quad

How does it work? 

Once you have made a booking through the Worksite Online Booking System, we will then check the date requested, assign nursing staff and confirm the date in our system. In the situation that the date or time is not available, we will call you to find an alternative.

The organisation will then receive a confirmation email with their time and date.

Before our visit, there are a few items that the organisation will need to do in order to prepare staff:

  • EHA will supply posters to the organisation to help promote the program.
  • A link that is sent out to all staff advising about the upcoming visit, where they can make their booking for the day of the visit.
  • A consent form to each employee to be completed prior to the visit.
  • A link to the Consumer Information relating to the vaccine that will be used.

EHA will monitor the bookings and staff numbers, and answer any questions if the staff would like to know more information. 

What will the flu vaccine cost?

Request a quick quote or make an online booking to identify costs of influenza vaccinations.

The EHA Workplace Flu Vaccination covers:

  • The supply of the vaccine, and that it’s at the correct temperature.
  • All of the medical consent assessments conducted by authorised immunisation nurses, including pre-vaccination assessments.
  • All documentation including product and consumer information on all vaccines used.
  • Absent staff having the ability to visit or attend an EHA public immunisation clinic.

If applicable, staff may be eligible to receive a free annual flu vaccine under the State Government’s Annual Influenza Program.

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What Industry Services do EHA offer flu vaccinations to? 

EHA is able to offer flu vaccinations to all industries and workplaces, including the following:

  • Government agencies
  • Private Business
  • Aged Care Facilities
  • Child Care Centres
  • Primary and High Schools
  • General Office Based Business 

Ensuring that staff are well protected from the flu helps keep peace of mind in your office. Having happy and healthy staff is a great way of boosting productivity and moral within the workplace. 

If you feel as though your business would benefit from a visit by Eastern Health Authority for workplace immunisation booking, please get in touch with us.

Interested in a workplace immunisation and would like learn more?

Contact us on 8132 3600 or email

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