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Annual Business Plan

Each year, we develop an Annual Business plan that enables us to translate strategic directions into actions that result in improved service delivery and enhanced programs.

The Plan helps us ensure we are providing the best public and environmental health services to our constituent councils and ratepayers.

The annual business plan outlines:

  • objectives for the financial year
  • what we will do to meet those objectives
  • how we will measure financial and non-financial performance
  • operating and capital expenditure and revenue sources
  • how we determine council contributions

 Click here to view the 2018-2019 Annual Business Plan.


2018-2019 Annual Business Plan

We have identified the following priorities for our 2018-2019 annual business plan

  • Finalise the review of the EHA Business Continuity Plan.
  • Finalise the review of the Emergency Management Plan.
  • Investigate electronic communication strategies for board members to aid in efficient communication.
  • Continue to maintain strong relationships with the Constituent Councils, Government and non-Government agencies.
  • Compile two-year report pursuant to the SA Public Health Act, 2011 in relation to the Regional Public Health Plan, ‘Better Living, Better Health’.
  • Commence the review of the Regional Public Health Plan, ‘Better Living, Better Health’ in accordance with section 51(19) SA Public Health Act, 2011.
  • Commence the food safety training program specific to food businesses that require to maintain a food safety program.
  • Undertake scheduled food and public health inspections and where required audits to ensure compliance with associated legislation and standards.
  • Continue to refine Health Manager administrative efficiency and reporting capabilities.
  • Promote use of EHA online immunisation appointment booking system.
  • Continue to identify key circulation areas to promote EHA Immunisation Clinic Timetable.
  • Develop opportunities for immunisation client feedback and satisfaction surveys.
  • Increase production and supply of promotional tools for Worksites.
  • Identify potential new Worksite clients.
  • Promotion of Immunisation Services as identified in Marketing Plan.
  • Transition to Immunisation Records and Inventory System (IRIS).
  • Promotion of EHA’s immunisation services at Hospitals and in anti-natal settings.
  • Review and identify areas for improvement to the worksite flu online booking system.
  • Increase production and supply of promotional tools to increase uptake of staff flu vaccinations.
  • Undertake a survey to identify customer service experiences provided by EHA within the environmental health sector.
  • Continue to provide opportunities for Constituent Councils to participate in quarterly public health forums with EHA, to raise awareness of current public health matters.
  • Continue to co-ordinate the Eastern Hoarding and Squalor Committee meetings to continue to promote inter agency working to manage risks to residents living in properties affected by hoarding and squalor.
  • Maintain the hoarding and squalor contacts database to assist in the investigation and management of these cases.
  • Participate in Metropolitan Fire Service pilot fire risk notification system.

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Clinic Locations

  • Burnside Council Coopers Room

    Cnr Greenhill & Portrush Roads

  • Campbelltown - The ARC

    531 Lower North East Road

  • St Peters EHA Office

    101 Payneham Road
    St Peters

  • Unley Town Hall

    181 Unley Road

  • Walkerville Council

    66 Walkerville Terrace