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Healthy, safe swimming pools

When you go swimming in a public pool, you have the right to expect it is free from bacteria and chlorination/disinfection levels are maintained at all times.

Which is why EHA’s Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) carry out routine inspections of all public swimming pools and spa pools in our councils’ footprint, as well as pools used in private practice such as hydrotherapy.

The EHOs look at a range of issues, including:

Recommended resources

We have put together the following list of resources to help owners and managers of public pools, spas or therapy facilities.

Minimising the risk of Cryptosporidium in public swimming pools and spa pools - for pool operators

Cryptosporidium Poster

Faecal release incidents - public pool response strategies

If you have any questions, or are considering opening a public swimming pool, spa, or therapy pool, please contact us on 8132 3600.


What about my pool at home?

EHA has no jurisdiction over your private swimming pool or spa. We do, however, encourage you the maintain it correctly to both reduce the risk of illness, and discourage mosquitos.

This means:

  • keeping the water level high enough that the filter is working
  • running the filter regularly, even when you are not using the spa or pool
  • maintaining chlorination/disinfection levels at all times
  • regularly removing leaf litter and debris
  • using a cover to help keen clean and free of pests
  • removing water that pools on top of the cover
  • using a reliable and accurate pool water testing kit
  • enlisting an experienced, professional maintenance professional on a regular basis 

SA Health has more information to help you look after your home pool or spa, including Maintaining your pool at home and Maintaining your spa at home as well as SA Health Factsheet: Cryptosporidiosis in the Home

mosquitos breeding in or around my pool?

We recommend the following to control mosquito breeding, but please check with your pool company first:

  • cover the water surface with domestic kerosene or paraffin oil
  • drain the pool completely
  • regularly clean, refill and maintain the pool regularly

SA Health has more information to help control mosquito breeding in or around your pool or spa, including Maintaining your pool at home and Maintaining your spa at home

Discharging pool water

Swimming pool water can contain chemicals, as well as other foreign substances that can contaminate the storm water system, affecting aquatic life, so whether you are responsible for a private or public pool or spa, it is an offence to discharge pool water into the street.

Instead, you need to direct swimming pool water – including back wash water – to the sewer.

If you have any questions or concerns about the health and safety of swimming pools and spas, including water discharge, please contact an EHO on 8132 3600, or go to the Stormwater pollution website.

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