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Food Complaints

Apart from regular food safety inspections, our Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) also act on complaints and concerns from the public.

If you have concerns about the hygiene a food business operating within our five Constituent Councils, including:

  • poor food handling
  • cleanliness
  • pests
  • unsatisfactory food storage
  • selling unsafe or unsuitable food

Please contact one of our EHOs on 8132 3600.

I have a complaint about food I bought

If you have a complaint about food you have already bought, and have a sample, please call us and an EHO will let you know whether to keep the sample.

If you do need to keep it, please ensure you store it appropriately.

  • food poisoning - keep the food in a plastic bag in the fridge (not freezer)
  • other complaints - keep the food in plastic bag in a freezer (as long as the product won’t deteriorate by being frozen)
    • don't remove any foreign objects
    • keep packaging and proof of purchase
    • record details such as when and where you bought it, how the food was stored, and when you first noticed the problem

Food Poisoning

Food poisoning can take many forms and come from many different sources. And it is not always due to the last thing you ate – some symptoms can take hours, days or even weeks to develop.

There are also viruses which can cause similar symptoms, but are spread through person-to-person contact rather than food.

If you suspect you have food poisoning, please visit your GP for confirmation as soon as possible.

For simple explanations on food poisoning symptoms, as well as how to treat it, we recommend you visit the Food Safety Information Council website, or SA Health.

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Clinic Locations

  • Burnside Council Chambers

    Cnr Greenhill & Portrush Roads

  • Campbelltown - The ARC

    531 Lower North East Road

  • Prospect Council

    128 Prospect Road

  • St Peters EHA Office

    101 Payneham Road
    St Peters

  • Unley Civic Centre

    Oxford Terrace

  • Walkerville Council

    66 Walkerville Terrace